For Executives

It’s not just a badge of honor to be coached in today’s business world.  Leadership coaching provides tangible benefits.  Subjectively, here are some of the improvements to expect when you receive coaching:
  • Executive assessments identify strength areas.
  • Capitalize on existing strengths to improve performance, productivity, and effectiveness.
  • Strategize and execute individual action plans to
    • Improve and implement core leadership competencies.
    • Create positive, long-term behavior change with organizational input.
    • Establish career planning and development
    • Assist in balancing career and personal lives
Leaders with coaches have a trusted adviser that provides objective feedback,without an agenda, and serves as a sounding board for thoughts and ideas.  ‘It’s lonely at the top’ – and having a coach helps a leader feel more confident in decision-making and pushing forward.
Many studies have consistently shown ROIs of 5-12 times the coaching cost, with an average of a 7X return.
A study in the Manchester Review,  Vol. 6, 1 (Jan. 16,2001) reported significant improvements to coached leaders:
  • New or improved skills  +50%
  • Improved relationships within a team  +50%
  • Seeing others’ perspectives  +47%
  • Clarity in work life  +43%
  • Increased motivation  +43%
  • Improved work atmosphere  +40%
  • Sales and revenue achievements  +23%
  • Obtained goals  +20%
In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, having a coach may be the difference you need to become your true best.

For Organizations

Providing leadership coaching to your executive personnel provides a host of benefits that not only maximizes the positive impact of the executive being coached, it improves the overall organizational workplace environment.  Here are some of the benefits:
  • Greater productivity of and impact by your leaders (see left)
  • Improved organizational performance and strength
  • Increase morale and loyalty
  • Provide more organizational clarity with improved leadership clarity
  • Enhanced employee perception of senior management by showing vested interest in employees
  • Reduce turnover and retain high-performing executives
  • Succession planning and development of key executives
A study of 100 mostly Fortune 1000 company executives wrote coached leaders reported the following increased benefits for their organization: 
  • Increased productivity  +53%
  • Increased customer service  +39%
  • Retention of executives +32%
  • Reduction in costs +23%
  • Increased bottom-line profitability +22%
  • Improved organizational strength  +48%
With the ample evidence now available to support a positive bottom-line impact from leadership coaching, many organizations now budget for their leaders to have coaches.