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Define yourself. Trust your passions. Learn to influence with stunning effectiveness. People will yearn to follow your leadership. And then you'll be able to accomplish anything - anything at all.

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Why You Need Leadership & Executive Coaching

Everyone is born with leadership potential. But leading can be tough, and leading can be complicated. The difference in average leadership and executive leadership is coaching and mentorship.

For individuals

It's not just a badge of honor today in the business world to be coached. Leadership coaching provides tangible benefits.

for organizations

Providing leadership coaching to your executive personnel provides a host of benefits that not only maximizes the...

About Chris O

Chris O is a successful entrepreneur, business owner, consultant, and speaker. He combines over 20 years of experience in corporate executive management, business development, business ownership, technical consulting, and leadership development into his work as a leadership and business coach. With a broad range of management experience, from a startup to multi-million dollar global business units, he combines hands-on experience with academic training and study. He is a student of John Maxwell, Marshall Goldsmith, and other renowned leadership experts to understand how the best leaders lead, and how their coaches coached helped them to become that. Ultimately, he passionately believes in the ability of every person to achieve the very best in both their personal and career lives and strives to coach his clients into becoming the absolute very best they can be.

Chris is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer from the prestigious John Maxwell Group.

Need A Speaker or Trainer?

Leading is the ability to influence. And one of the best ways to influence is to speak. In fact, the most influential leaders in history have been some of the best orators. From lunch-and learn training sessions to keynote presentations, explore how I can help you and your organization today.

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Chris Michael

HiredTexas Board Member

Chris presented an effective session to HIREDTexas on the importance of connecting with other people and building stronger, more fulfilling relationships with others. Successful connections build on five principles (Influence, Others, Communication, Energy, and Skill) and five practices (Common Ground, Simplicity, Experience, Inspire, and Credibility). Members were shown how to apply these ideas to their job search and life. We would welcome the opportunity to have him present again.


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