The 5 Ninjas Book Review


Thanks so much for volunteering to help review this book. Your input is greatly appreciated and anyone participating in the full review will get a mention in the book's acknowledgements. Since this book is intended to be released by May, time will be necessary to perform the final edit.

This is fundamentally a self-help book disguised as a story. It's a parable, of sorts: Think of Paolo Coelho's 'The Alchemist'.

Just so you know what you're getting into, here are some ground expectations:

Before You Read The Book

- The book is 50,000-55,000 words long. An average reader will take 4-5 hours to read this.

- Once this opens, you'll have 5 days to read it and complete the review questionnaire. 

- Each of your reviews is part of a test market to determine how a sample group responds to the book so I can improve it. There will be an information collection form before you start.

- The book will come as a Google Doc, so you will have to have a Google account of some sort.

After You Read The Book

- In addition to recording your initial response to the book, there will a portion for you to provide your input on what you think would make the book better.

- The questionnaire may take as long as 30 minutes to complete. But if you have a really good idea how you rate the book and improvement areas, it probably will take you 15 minutes. Since feedback is critical to this process, there will be minimum characters required in some of the questions on the questionnaire. 

- This is not an edit. It is not designed for you to review grammar, punctuation, etc. The goal is to collect your overall impressions of the book, plot, threads, theme, and character development.

- However, if you feel a certain part of the book would do well with an extra check on grammar, punctuation, and spelling, you are welcome to leave feedback.

Thank you again for your help! I sincerely appreciate you. As you'll read in the book, it takes a tribe to be successful, and each of you is now an important part of this book. 🙂